HOW I build Feraco


Hello, I am Joanna the founder of Feraco. I was raised by a grandmother who suffered from chronic illness.As a child, I spent countless hours at the hospital, witnessing the pain and suffering of young and old alike. These experiences taught me the importance of good health and inspired me to adopt a healthy lifestyle at a young age. I insist on going to bed early, waking up early, exercising, meditating and eating healthy food

However, despite my best efforts, genetics caught up with me, and I was diagnosed 
with severe arthritis. The pain was constant and not only could I not go play tennis or
 golf, but it limited my ability to enjoy even the simplest of activities. Dressing myself 
or opening a jar becomes difficult and painful.

The emotional toll is equally debilitating, leading to feelings of frustration, sadness 
and isolation.I tried everything to find relief, from acupuncture to other treatments. 
The price is too expensive, I can not afford for a long time and nothing worked. That
 is until I discovered magnetic therapy. 

A friend gifted me a magnetic bracelet during my travels to India, and after wearing it consistently for several months, I experienced significant relief from the pain in my fingers. Over time, the swelling in my right ring finger was almost completely gone, which left me amazed and grateful.

Birth of Feraco :

But the problem was that most magnetic bracelets
 on the market were bulky and unattractive,which 
made me feel selfconscious about wearing them 
in public. I knew that I couldn't be the only one 
who felt this way, which is why I decided to create 

“I understand the daily struggles of living with arthritis, and we're dedicated to providing solutions that make a real difference in people's lives.”

Our products are designed with a passion for innovation and a commitment to quality. Our mission at Feraco is simple – to provide highquality magnetic bracelets that are both effective and stylish. Our bracelets are made with powerful neodymium 
magnets and premium materials to ensure they are not only durable but also effective.



We are not just a brand that sells products; we are a community .We understand the fear and uncertainty that comes with dealing with chronic pain, Our mission is 
to provide affordable and natural health and wellness solutions for everyone dealing 
with chronic pain.. That's why we strive to provide highquality magnetic bracelets at 
an affordable price.