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As a RN,it works Amazing!

I bought this when my arthritis was getting so bad that I was living on NSAIDs. My old aunt swore by her copper bracelet. I'm an RN so a little skeptical when it comes to home remedies. But Aunt was right! My hands would no longer make a fist, I could not grab at anything with conviction. I have been wearing this bracelet nonstop for 2+ weeks and no longer need acetaminophen daily!! The bracelet itself is very attractive. The engraving is detailed. The bracelet looks to be high end. Very good for the actual cost. Sturdy, not flimsy at all. It is a bit stiff.


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Hello, I am Joanna the founder of Feraco. I was raised by a grandmother who suffered from chronic illness. As a child, I spent countless hours at the hospital, witnessing the pain and suffering of young and old alike. These experiences taught me the importance of good health and inspired me to adopt a healthy lifestyle at a young age. However, despite my best efforts, genetics caught up with me, and I was diagnosed with severe arthritis...

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